We’re providing legal assistance in criminal (including economic criminal law), economic, civil (including family law) cases.

The team of the law firm – Łukasz Pasternak Kancelaria Adwokacka – provide legal services for corporate and individual clients in criminal, civil, economic and administrative cases.

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The practice of economic life shows that it is worth using the professional help of a lawyer before making a decision, especially one of economic importance for the company.

Economic law combines the issues of commercial law, civil law, labor law, criminal law or public procurement law and other areas of law, including those specific as transport or construction law, depending on the activity undertaken by a given entity. Economic law in the era of digitization is often related to intellectual property law and the broadly understood protection of personal data (gdpr).

Our law firm, offers comprehensive legal services for business clients. Our services are focused on the effective solution of entrepreneurs’ problems and providing them with effective help in running their business. We offer our business clients ongoing business support as well as legal and procedural representation.

The specificity of the services we offer is based largely on the trust of our customers not only in our knowledge and experience, but above all in our reliability and honesty, makes the best recommendation of our services are positive opinions of our customers and their will to recommend our services to their loved ones , partners or colleagues.

We also support entrepreneurs in the first stage of their activity, advising and supporting them in the course of company or business registration.
Sometimes the solutions used by our clients are non-standard or even tailor-made, which additionally justifies the need for legal support. Appropriate preparation of the company’s articles of association (articles of association) allows to specify all important aspects of its functioning and to properly protect the interests of the partners. That is why it is worth entrusting this task to specialists.

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The team of economic criminal law works closely with practitioners in the field of economic and tax law, which guarantees a detailed approach to complex issues related to economic crimes, including tax, excise, vat, fuel-related crimes, corruption crimes, frauds and fraud on capital markets .

We combine experience in the field of criminal law with experience in the field of economic law, including commercial, tax, public procurement law and regulatory issues, which is required in cases in the field of economic crimes.

We provide legal support not only related to trial defense, but also support in preventive activities, including audits related to the implementation of internal compliance procedures to detect or prevent bribery, corruption or money laundering, in order to minimize the risk of criminal liability.

We represent clients at every stage of the proceedings, I.E. Preparatory proceedings (investigation), proceedings before the court of first and second instance, as well as after the judgment becomes final. We offer support at various stages, such as detention, searches, seizure and seizure of property, the application of temporary arrest, at the stage of proceedings before law enforcement agencies or a court.

The scope of services provided includes representation of the interests of entities acting as a suspect, accused, convicted person, victim and the prosecutor.

We provide legal services related to consultancy regarding the criminal liability of members of company bodies.

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Our law firm offers legal advisory services in the field of broadly understood intellectual property law.

We advise on matters related to the protection and registration of trademarks and copyrights, including the use of works covered by copyright.

We advise on matters related to the trading of intellectual property rights. We also represent clients in disputes related to intellectual property.

We advise clients from various industries, including it, film, production, publishing, transport and advertising.

We also provide legal support related to the protection and use of the image.

Intellectual property law in the modern world is available in many areas of economic life and accompanies not only such contracts as website development contracts, publishing contracts or contracts related to the preparation of a specific work.

Intellectual property law is present in the it, textile, clothing, automotive, construction, food, film, net and pharmaceutical industries.

Our offer is also directed to entrepreneurs operating in the creative industry, e-commerce, m-commerce, the new technology industry, and software developers.

This law also covers patents and trademark rights.

In our practice, we also pay a lot of attention to the dynamically developing e-commerce industry and new technologies, advising startups as well as participating in vc transactions.

We also support clients in projects related to the use of cryptocurrencies.

We provide legal services related to cryptocurrency consultancy.

Attorney-at-law łukasz pasternak is the author of a scientific publication on the subject of cryptocurrency.

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Our law firm provides comprehensive support in the field of legal and tax aspects related to running their business.

We also advise natural persons who do not conduct business in the field of taxes.

Running a business requires not only security in terms of civil, criminal and economic law, but also in the field of tax law, therefore in the ongoing consultancy, depending on the client’s order, we also provide services related to the legal and tax consequences related to the business venture being carried out, forms of business or other activities.

Tax law regulations change at a relatively fast pace, therefore the verification of existing solutions or strategies seems to be justified and should be constantly analyzed.

The key services include, among others:

  • Tax planning,
  • Choosing the right form Taxation,
  • Individual interpretations,
  • Establishing companies,
  • Mergers / transformations of companies,
  • Changing the form of running a business,
  • Ongoing tax consultancy,
  • Analysis of the impact of the “Nowy ład” on the activities carried out and legal advice in this area,
  • Representation before authorities and offices (tax audits),
  • Representation in penal fiscal proceedings,
  • Analysis of legal and tax consequences.


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Our law firm specializes in providing legal services to entrepreneurs, ensuring that the legal services provided to clients are performed in a comprehensive manner, covering various areas of law, including commercial law, company law, contract law, tax law, labor law, medical law or also related to the criminal liability of managing persons.

The pasternak legal team supports entrepreneurs related to the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

As part of the medical & beauty lawyer project, we provide comprehensive legal support for entities related to the industry:

  • Medical,
  • Pharmaceutical,
  • Or cosmetic,


The scope of our services includes, among others support and advice:

  • Related to the creation and functioning of entrepreneurs operating in this industry;
  • Ongoing legal services related to servicing entrepreneurs
  • Medical law,
  • Cosmetic, pharmaceutical;
  • Preparation of regulations,
  • Statements and clauses;
  • Preparation of statements related to the consent to the procedure, including in the field of aesthetic medicine;
  • Medical errors;
  • Commercial contracts;
  • Consultancy in the field of labor law;
  • Tax consultancy;
  • Consultancy in the field of public procurement;
  • Advice related to the introduction and registration of products;
  • Protection of intellectual property;
  • Combating unfair competition;
  • Personal data protection;
  • Construction law;
  • Investments;
  • Rent / lease;
  • Advertising law, advertising contracts;
  • Franchise agreements;
  • Criminal law;
  • Legal procedure.
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We have both theoretical and practical knowledge related to the implementation of public procurement procedures, which is to provide our clients with legal security.

We provide reliable service and legal advice at every stage of the procedure – from preparation of the procedure or offer to representation during appeal proceedings. We also support our clients at the stage of implementation of the public procurement procedure.

We offer, among others comprehensive preparation of documentation for the public procurement procedure, preparation of documents, including contracts, incl. O consortium and public-private partnership.

We provide consulting services taking into account the organizational, legal and tax specificity of a given entity.

Lawyer Łukasz Pasternak is the author of scientific publications related to public procurement law.

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We offer legal advisory services for both natural persons and entrepreneurs.

Our law firm provides services to investors, general contractors, contractors, subcontractors, natural persons and real estate buyers at various stages of construction investments.

We provide comprehensive legal support for entrepreneurs operating in the construction industry, providing legal support related to establishing a company, servicing entrepreneurs, tax advisory, ongoing support for investment processes, including construction law regulations.

We offer legal advice from the creation of the first architectural concept to the commercialization of completed facilities.

We advise both on small development projects as well as on large construction projects related to the implementation of linear projects.

We provide legal support in connection with intellectual property law regulations, obtaining permits, developing construction contracts, construction management contracts, environmental issues and others.


We advise on a wide range of real estate mergers and acquisitions, including complex arrangements regarding aspects related to lease, adaptation and finishing works, and asset management. We provide comprehensive legal advisory services in relation to legal issues related to real estate and covering the entire life cycle of the real estate.

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We provide legal services for entrepreneurs related to broadly understood economic law and company law. We advise on the creation of business entities as well as provide their ongoing corporate services.

We offer our clients assistance in creating and registering, among others companies such as:

  1. General partnership,
  2. Professional partnership,
  3. Limited partnership,
  4. Limited joint-stock partnership,
  5. Limited company,
  6. Joint-stock company.

The offer of the our law firm includes comprehensive legal support for all commercial law companies, regardless of their legal form, size, subject of activity or the seat of the statutory bodies.


We advise on the processes of division, merger and transformation of companies.

Changing economic realities sometimes entail the necessity to change the organizational and legal form of operations, or to transform or merge companies.

The team of the law firm provides comprehensive support related to the preparation, conduct as well as representation before the court related to the processes of transformation, merger or division of companies.

We help entrepreneurs achieve business goals, supporting them at every stage of the implementation of mergers and acquisitions – from negotiating all types of contracts, through preparing legal status analyzes of due diligence companies, determining the legal risk related to planned transactions or finalizing them.

We provide legal support in negotiations regarding the sale of shares, an organized part of an enterprise, acquisitions and capital investments.


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The law firm provides legal services to entrepreneurs from the energy sector, in particular in the field of energy law.

Our offer is directed not only to entrepreneurs from the energy industry, but also to people cooperating with entities from the energy industry, such as land owners for lease, investors, representatives and construction companies.

The team of the law firm offers legal services to energy companies and entities operating in the energy sector. Our goal is to ensure that the activities of energy enterprises comply with the provisions of the energy law and other regulations in the energy sector.

As part of legal services for the energy sector, the law firm provides legal services in the field of servicing entities operating in the renewable energy sector, including issues related to the construction of photovoltaic farms.

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Our law firm also advises in bankruptcy and reorganization processes, as well as in processes aimed at ending the existence of the enterprise, I.E. Its liquidation.

Our services are also directed to entities willing to carry out restructuring processes.

The group of people to whom we offer our services includes entrepreneurs, but also natural persons who, forced by their life circumstances, were forced to file for consumer bankruptcy.

We represent various interest groups, including debtors, creditors and company authorities, in particular management boards.

We provide our services not only to entities wishing to initiate bankruptcy proceedings, but also to debtors and creditors.

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In our actions, we are always guided by the interests of our client, and we approach the matters entrusted to us in a thoughtful and individual manner.

We provide assistance in the field of broadly understood criminal law, economic criminal law, in particular in the field of the so-called white collar crimes.

We provide legal assistance in connection with the so-called cyber crime.

We represent clients at every stage of the proceedings, I.E. Preparatory proceedings (investigation), proceedings before the court of first and second instance, as well as after the judgment becomes final.

The scope of services provided includes representation of the interests of entities acting as a suspect, accused, convicted person, victim and the prosecutor.

We provide legal services related to consultancy regarding the criminal liability of members of company bodies.

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Our law firm offers services in the field of broadly understood civil law, which plays the greatest role in everyday life, because this branch of law regulates legal relations between private law entities, which include natural persons, legal persons or organizational units without legal personality.

The law firm provides comprehensive advice to clients on inheritance and donation matters.

We provide legal support for individuals and entrepreneurs.

We advise on matters related to property law, matters related to the purchase and sale of real estate, protection of property rights, we conduct cases of acquisitive prescription or easement, and others.


We advise and represent our clients in matters related to:

  • maintenance,
  • contacts with the child,
  • parental authority, including restriction, deprivation of parental authority,
  • divorce,
  • separation,
  • establishing / contradicting paternity,
  • determining the place of stay of the child,
  • and others.


We advise and represent our clients in matters related to:

  • confirmation of inheritance acquisition,
  • inheritance department,
  • reserved portion,
  • abolition of joint ownership,
  • cases to challenge a will.


We conduct proceedings for compensation as well as compensation.

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Our law firm supports entrepreneurs running startups already operating on the market, as well as those that are just emerging.

The law firm provides legal background for innovative ventures.

We advise both on the creation of entities in the selection of the form of running a business, and we also help to protect their resources (including trademarks).

The law firm provides legal services to investors, entrepreneurs launching startups or running startups.

We prepare, analyze and negotiate contracts between the partners and investors.

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Being aware of the changing reality as well as meeting the expectations of clients, pasternak legal law firm provides legal support in the field of crowdfunding projects – crowdfunding, which is becoming an increasingly popular method of obtaining funds.

The law firm supports entrepreneurs in creating crowdfunding projects, investors, as well as provides legal services related to the creation of crowdfunding platforms.

In connection with the implemented legal regulations, it should be noted that, depending on many factors, activities conducted using crowdfunding platforms may require the operator to have a brokerage license or be within the limits of the freedom of economic activity.

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The team of pasternak legal provides the financial institution with full legal services.

Our lawyers provide legal support related to the creation of entities operating on financial markets, including those who want to run cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as in the processes of restructuring financial capital groups.

We direct our offer to entities operating on the market as well as those that start their activities on financial markets.

We offer comprehensive legal services in the field of payment services, in particular in the creation and implementation of legal obligations within the following entities:

  1. Small paying institution (mip)
  2. National paying institution (kip)
  3. Electronic money institution (emi)

Our offer is also directed to loan institutions that run or plan to start their business.

We also advise entities related to the cryptocurrency market.

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Our offer is addressed to entrepreneurs operating in the e-commerce, m-commerce, new technologies industry, software developers, as well as entities operating in the broadly understood creative industry.

Legal services for e-commerce entities include not only the preparation of necessary documentation such as the regulations of a portal or an online store, but also verification of clauses, statements, instructions, privacy policy and legal advice related to running a business, including on the basis of telecommunications law or the act on providing services by electronic means.

Service for entrepreneurs covers every stage of activity, starting from the formation of companies, ongoing advice related to corporate services, creating regulations, privacy policies, marketing approvals, contracts or advertising contracts related to the promotion of products.

The law firm also advises on aspects related to the adaptation of activities to the requirements of personal data protection (GDPR).

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It seems that in the current economic system one of the most important issues is the protection of personal data. Legal awareness in the field of personal data is increasing, and yet the scale of personal data leakage is considerable.

The protection of business secrets is also of great importance in the field of personal data protection.

The introduction of appropriate legal and technological mechanisms may reduce the risk of this leakage.

We provide our clients with legal services in the field of personal data protection, including creating appropriate procedures, conducting audits or training.

We represent clients in court and administrative proceedings, as well as conduct audits and training related to the implementation and protection of personal data.

We develop procedures, regulations and privacy policies, ensuring that the services are tailored to the specificity, size and needs of customers.

We support not only entrepreneurs but also people whose law has been violated.

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The law firm offers legal advisory services in the field of competition and consumer protection law.

We advise not only on processes related to the violation of collective consumer interests, but also in matters related to unfair competition practices, data theft or their unlawful use. We also offer legal support in connection with the practices of unfair market competition, which is present in many areas of economic trading.

We provide legal services for both entrepreneurs and consumers.

Due to the fact that in our practice we advise both entrepreneurs and natural persons, our experience allows us to provide legal services with the best understanding of clients’ needs.

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Financial liquidity for both natural persons and entrepreneurs plays a very important role. There are often situations where the contractor is late with the payment of receivables or does not pay it at all.

In such a situation, one of the most effective methods of debt recovery is to transfer the case to an entity dealing with debt collection.

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As part of legal services related to servicing entrepreneurs, it is often necessary to provide legal support related to administrative proceedings.

Consulting in the field of administrative law is related not only to running a business in the construction or regulated industry, but also may prove necessary in the case of the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, automotive, film and even restoration industries.

We provide comprehensive support related to conducting administrative proceedings before authorities and courts, as well as represent before regulatory authorities, whether in matters related to the commencement of regulated activities or obtaining a license.

The goal that we set ourselves in the course of proceedings before the court or administrative authorities is to implement the interests of our client.

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