• representation in front of the ordering party, contractor, participants involved in the performance of the contract;
  • legal advice related to submitting a tender;
  • legal advice related to the preparation of the tender;
  • support in the construction of contracts, letters, agreements and other documents;
  • representation before procedural authorities;
  • fidic;
  • consultancy at the stage of contract implementation (performance);
  • public-private partnership.


We have both theoretical and practical knowledge related to the implementation of public procurement procedures, which is to provide our clients with legal security.

We provide reliable service and legal advice at every stage of the procedure – from preparation of the procedure or offer to representation during appeal proceedings. We also support our clients at the stage of implementation of the public procurement procedure.

We offer, among others comprehensive preparation of documentation for the public procurement procedure, preparation of documents, including contracts, incl. O consortium and public-private partnership.

We provide consulting services taking into account the organizational, legal and tax specificity of a given entity.

Lawyer Łukasz Pasternak is the author of scientific publications related to public procurement law.

Our offer includes comprehensive and ongoing legal advice for contractors and ordering parties as part of the entire public procurement procedure. We provide legal services taking into account the organizational specificity of a given entity.

Attorney-at-law łukasz pasternak is the author of numerous publications in the field of public procurement law.

We provide legal advice in the field of public-private partnerships both to entrepreneurs who are private entities as well as public entities, in particular local governments.

Selected services for entities acting as contractors of the public procurement procedure:

  • Consultancy in the field of detailed and in-depth analysis of the content of provisions formed by the ordering party in the tender documents,
  • Advice on the analysis of the contract notice and specification of essential terms of the contract,
  • Advice on drawing up and asking questions to the ordering party to the terms of reference,
  • Preparation of requests to participate in the procedure and preparation of tenders,
  • Assistance in preparing offer documentation,
  • Verification of documents confirming the fulfillment of the conditions for participation in the public procurement procedure,
  • Developing an action strategy,
  • Verification of documents prepared by the contractor,
  • Analysis of applications and offers of competitive companies,
  • Preparing the necessary legal opinions,
  • Representation before the national appeals chamber,
  • Representation before courts,
  • Preparing appeals and joining appeals.

Selected services for entities acting as awarding entities in the course of the public procurement procedure:

  • Preparing the necessary legal opinions,
  • Advising on obligations related to the application of the public procurement law,
  • Assistance in choosing the appropriate procedure for awarding the contract and initiating the tender procedure,
  • Issuing opinions on possible solutions in terms of compliance with public procurement law and effective implementation of the employer’s needs,
  • Issuing opinions and assessing compliance in the context of competition law and other applicable regulations,
  • Advice on matters related to the preparation and conduct of the tender procedure and tender documentation,
  • Giving opinions and preparing tender documentation (including the terms of reference),
  • Advice on matters related to answering contractors’ questions,
  • Analysis of requests to participate in the procedure and submitted bids,
  • Consultancy in the preparation of the settlement of the procedure,
  • Legal advice at the stage of order fulfillment, contract performance,
  • Representation before the national appeals chamber,
  • Representation before courts,
  • Preparation of letters and contracts,
  • Legal advice taking into account the specificity of public-private partnership.

In the course of our activity, we also prepare other necessary:

  • Contracts,
  • Consortium agreements,
  • Public-private partnership agreements.

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