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  • Civil cases,
  • Family matters,
  • Inheritance matters,
  • Compensation cases,
  • Contract law,
  • Economic law,
  • Property law,
  • Construction matters,
  • Cases regarding transport law,
  • Real estate,
  • Protection of personal rights,
  • Cases of acquisitive prescription,
  • Swiss franc loans,
  • Intellectual property law.



Our law firm offers services in the field of broadly understood civil law, which plays the greatest role in everyday life, because this branch of law regulates legal relations between private law entities, which include natural persons, legal persons or organizational units without legal personality.

The law firm provides comprehensive advice to clients on inheritance and donation matters.

We provide legal support for individuals and entrepreneurs.

We advise on matters related to property law, matters related to the purchase and sale of real estate, protection of property rights, we conduct cases of acquisitive prescription or easement, and others.


We advise and represent our clients in matters related to:

  • maintenance,
  • contacts with the child,
  • parental authority, including restriction, deprivation of parental authority,
  • divorce,
  • separation,
  • establishing / contradicting paternity,
  • determining the place of stay of the child,
  • and others.


We advise and represent our clients in matters related to:

  • confirmation of inheritance acquisition,
  • inheritance department,
  • reserved portion,
  • abolition of joint ownership,
  • cases to challenge a will.


We conduct proceedings for compensation as well as compensation.

We offer our clients extensive legal support in divorce cases and matters directly related to the effects of the divorce decree. In particular, these are matters related to the divorce itself, as well as to separation, alimony, cohabitation, property community or division of joint property.

As part of the practice of civil matters, we provide legal services both at the stage of court and non-judicial cases, for entities and individuals.

We also provide legal services in matters relating to property law, construction law, compensation, real estate law, labor law and many others.

We advise our clients on solving current legal problems.

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