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The selected services offered by the law firm include:

  1. legal support in proceedings for the issuance of concessions or permits,
  2. representation before courts and administrative bodies,
  3. support in matters related to competition and consumer protection law,
  4. support in proceedings before the president of the office of electronic communications,
  5. support in construction processes,
  6. advising on regulatory issues,
  7. support in matters related to state aid.


As part of legal services related to servicing entrepreneurs, it is often necessary to provide legal support related to administrative proceedings.

Consulting in the field of administrative law is related not only to running a business in the construction or regulated industry, but also may prove necessary in the case of the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, automotive, film and even restoration industries.

We provide comprehensive support related to conducting administrative proceedings before authorities and courts, as well as represent before regulatory authorities, whether in matters related to the commencement of regulated activities or obtaining a license.

The goal that we set ourselves in the course of proceedings before the court or administrative authorities is to implement the interests of our client.

As part of the administrative law branch, Łukasz Pasternak Sancelaria Adwokacka, advises clients, inter alia, in construction, real estate, tax and other administrative matters related to, inter alia, with obtaining licenses, permits or concessions.

Our law firm represents clients in court proceedings and proceedings before authorities.

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