We provide legal services related to cryptocurrency consultancy. The law firm provides legal services in the field of copyright, including: on:

  • Drawing up contracts covering the transfer of copyrights and industrial property,
  • Giving opinions on, analyzing and negotiating contracts that transfer copyrights or industrial property rights,
  • Drawing up, giving opinions and analyzing license agreements,
  • Drawing up contracts and opinions in the field of copyright and related rights,
  • Preparing website regulations,
  • Preparing documents for web portals, hosting providers necessary to exclude their liability for infringement of copyright by users of their websites,
  • Evaluation of the website and website users’ activities in the context of copyright and industrial property law,
  • Representation related to the protection of copyright, industrial property and related rights, before courts and institutions,
  • Advising on the protection of copyrights, trademarks, know-how,
  • Advising on the protection of personal rights,
  • Drawing up regulations,
  • Creating entities / companies,
  • Registration of trademarks,
  • Security image contracts for the it industry.


Our law firm offers legal advisory services in the field of broadly understood intellectual property law.

We advise on matters related to the protection and registration of trademarks and copyrights, including the use of works covered by copyright.

We advise on matters related to the trading of intellectual property rights. We also represent clients in disputes related to intellectual property.

We advise clients from various industries, including it, film, production, publishing, transport and advertising.

We also provide legal support related to the protection and use of the image.

Intellectual property law in the modern world is available in many areas of economic life and accompanies not only such contracts as website development contracts, publishing contracts or contracts related to the preparation of a specific work.

Intellectual property law is present in the it, textile, clothing, automotive, construction, food, film, net and pharmaceutical industries.

Our offer is also directed to entrepreneurs operating in the creative industry, e-commerce, m-commerce, the new technology industry, and software developers.

This law also covers patents and trademark rights.

In our practice, we also pay a lot of attention to the dynamically developing e-commerce industry and new technologies, advising startups as well as participating in vc transactions.

We also support clients in projects related to the use of cryptocurrencies.

We provide legal services related to cryptocurrency consultancy.

Attorney-at-law łukasz pasternak is the author of a scientific publication on the subject of cryptocurrency.


The law of new technologies plays an increasingly important role both in private life and in business transactions.

New technologies often enable the entrepreneur to maintain a competitive position on the market.

It seems that attention to issues related to the implementation and use of new technologies is essential.

The law firm provides, inter alia, services related to contract law, technology transfer, intellectual property law, registration and protection of trademarks and industrial property.

We provide legal services related to cryptocurrency consultancy.

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