Our services include:

  1. consultancy in investment (construction) processes,
  2. advising on aspects related to real estate trading,
  3. preparation of contracts and legal analyzes,
  4. preparation of legal opinions,
  5. preparing and reviewing construction contracts, taking into account fidic and other documents in the field of construction works,
  6. representation before government and local government administration bodies,
  7. representation before courts,
  8. representation before private entities in the investment process,
  9. advising on claims related to the investment process,
  10. securing the construction process,
  11. contract negotiation.



We offer legal advisory services for both natural persons and entrepreneurs.

Our law firm provides services to investors, general contractors, contractors, subcontractors, natural persons and real estate buyers at various stages of construction investments.

We provide comprehensive legal support for entrepreneurs operating in the construction industry, providing legal support related to establishing a company, servicing entrepreneurs, tax advisory, ongoing support for investment processes, including construction law regulations.

We offer legal advice from the creation of the first architectural concept to the commercialization of completed facilities.

We advise both on small development projects as well as on large construction projects related to the implementation of linear projects.

We provide legal support in connection with intellectual property law regulations, obtaining permits, developing construction contracts, construction management contracts, environmental issues and others.


We advise on a wide range of real estate mergers and acquisitions, including complex arrangements regarding aspects related to lease, adaptation and finishing works, and asset management. We provide comprehensive legal advisory services in relation to legal issues related to real estate and covering the entire life cycle of the real estate.

We offer our clients a range of legal services, including:

  • preparation of development contracts,
  • analyzing the legal status of real estate,
  • preparing and reviewing contracts for the purchase of real estate,
  • preparation of investment agreements,
  • drafting collateral transfer agreements,
  • drawing up fiduciary contracts,
  • drawing up lease agreements,
  • drawing up lease agreements,
  • drafting real estate management contracts,
  • representation of clients in disputes and negotiations in the field of ownership relations,
  • we offer legal assistance in matters of re-privatization claims,
  • we advise on matters relating to the acquisition of real estate by foreigners,
  • we provide services related to the fiduciary purchase of real estate.

We also advise our clients:

  • in real estate investment processes,
  • regulating the legal status of real estate,
  • in matters related to real property rights,
  • in matters relating to the purchase and sale of real estate,
  • cooperatives and housing communities.

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