PASTERNAK LEGAL - Odroczenie wykonania kary
  • Criminal law,
  • Penal fiscal law,
  • Criminal economic law,
  • White collar crimes,
  • Cyber ​​crime,
  • Misdemeanor law,
  • Penal sanctions resulting from specific acts, related to the trade in drugs or violation of the competition protection law.


In our actions, we are always guided by the interests of our client, and we approach the matters entrusted to us in a thoughtful and individual manner.

We provide assistance in the field of broadly understood criminal law, economic criminal law, in particular in the field of the so-called white collar crimes.

We provide legal assistance in connection with the so-called cyber crime.

We represent clients at every stage of the proceedings, I.E. Preparatory proceedings (investigation), proceedings before the court of first and second instance, as well as after the judgment becomes final.

The scope of services provided includes representation of the interests of entities acting as a suspect, accused, convicted person, victim and the prosecutor.

We provide legal services related to consultancy regarding the criminal liability of members of company bodies.

We provide legal services in the field of legal assistance in aspects of criminal law, both in cases related to the so-called common crimes, organized crime, as well as penal and fiscal crimes, economic crimes, cyber crime.

Jesteśmy gotowi do podjęcia natychmiastowych działań w sytuacjach niecierpiących zwłoki.

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