The team of the law firm – łukasz pasternak kancelaria adwokacka – provide legal services for corporate and indyvidual clients in criminal, civil, economic and administrative cases.  

Our activities are aimed at ensuring the legal security of our clients, both in the case of ongoing legal advice, representation before courts and offices, as well as at the stage of drafting or negotiating contracts.

We offer legal services in the field of economic matters (including restructuring and bankruptcy), construction and real estate law, and debt service.

We provide legal assistance in criminal (including economic criminal law),economic, civil (including family law) and administrative cases.

We advise on intellectual property law, competition protection, new technologies law, e-commerce, public procurement law and personal data protection (gdpr)

The team od Łukasz Pasternak Law offcie is creating by specialists.

Our team focus on any client individually. We’re trying to provide direct contact with people who realising missions which are entrusted to us. Legal team always care about legal security our clients with lawful practise.

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Łukasz Pasternak Law Office
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