PASTERNAK LEGAL - kto może być pełnomocnikiem w postępowaniu administracyjnym

We offer our clients a range of legal services, including:

  • advice and representation in cases related to restriction of competition or abuse of a dominant position,
  • advising on matters relating to horizontal or vertical agreements,
  • counseling and representation in matters related to the concentration control of an entrepreneur,
  • advice and representation in proceedings related to state aid,
  • advice and representation in cases related to unfair competition,
  • advice on matters relating to prohibited contractual clauses,
  • advice on matters related to the protection of consumer rights,
  • representation before institutions, entities, bodies and courts,
  • representation before the office of competition and consumer protection,
  • evaluation and preparation of contract templates used by entrepreneurs in order to exclude abusive clauses.


The law firm offers legal advisory services in the field of competition and consumer protection law.

We advise not only on processes related to the violation of collective consumer interests, but also in matters related to unfair competition practices, data theft or their unlawful use. We also offer legal support in connection with the practices of unfair market competition, which is present in many areas of economic trading.

We provide legal services for both entrepreneurs and consumers.

Due to the fact that in our practice we advise both entrepreneurs and natural persons, our experience allows us to provide legal services with the best understanding of clients’ needs.

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