• assistance in choosing the form of business activity;
  • creating and servicing companies (creating contracts, company statutes, regulations, notifications to relevant registers, etc.)
  • registration of a commercial company;
  • representation before the court;
  • corporate support (organizing shareholders’ and shareholders’ meetings, preparing resolutions, cooperation agreements and shareholders’ agreements);
  • legal advice and legal services in the field of labor law;
  • legal advice on the purchase and sale of shares and stocks;
  • representation in disputes between partners;
  • increasing and decreasing the share capital;
  • liquidation of companies;
  • division of the company;
  • company merger;
  • transformation of companies;
  • due diligence;
  • contracts and negotiations;
  • representation of board members of companies.


We provide legal services for entrepreneurs related to broadly understood economic law and company law. We advise on the creation of business entities as well as provide their ongoing corporate services.

We offer our clients assistance in creating and registering, among others companies such as:

  1. General partnership,
  2. Professional partnership,
  3. Limited partnership,
  4. Limited joint-stock partnership,
  5. Limited company,
  6. Joint-stock company.

The offer of the our law firm includes comprehensive legal support for all commercial law companies, regardless of their legal form, size, subject of activity or the seat of the statutory bodies.


We advise on the processes of division, merger and transformation of companies.

Changing economic realities sometimes entail the necessity to change the organizational and legal form of operations, or to transform or merge companies.

The team of the law firm provides comprehensive support related to the preparation, conduct as well as representation before the court related to the processes of transformation, merger or division of companies.

We help entrepreneurs achieve business goals, supporting them at every stage of the implementation of mergers and acquisitions – from negotiating all types of contracts, through preparing legal status analyzes of due diligence companies, determining the legal risk related to planned transactions or finalizing them.

We provide legal support in negotiations regarding the sale of shares, an organized part of an enterprise, acquisitions and capital investments.


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