Łukasz Pasternak



He’s got a lifetime experience with criminal, civil (including family law) cases and also with legal services for businnes (including international companies). He prefers criminal (including economic criminal law) cases and law and economic cases. He’s trying to focus on entrusted cases in comprehensive way. He also works on cases which are relevant to construction law, properties, protection of intellectual property. He’s got experience with legal advices for the board members of the companies, too.


Attorney-at-law łukasz pasternak is the author of many research papers about:

  •  criminal law,
  • law and economic,
  • trade law,
  • public procurement law,

in many prestigious law journals.

Łukasz Pasternak


Łukasz Pasternak Law Office
ul. Malborska 1/11,
03-286 warszawa, II floor

Office in Marki
Al.J.Piłsudzkiego 29,
05-270 marki

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